Varied weather

  • Hi,

    My first suggestion for the new server is to have some variety when it comes to the weather, I know a lot of players don't like it at night so to have some storms and heavy rain now and then would be great just to stop the environment being bright and boring. I'm not a massive pvp player so tend to play more on the survival side of exile, so for me night cycles or weather help to add atmosphere while I'm hunting my goats and sheep :)

  • I think the weather is a pretty cool, changes the atmosphere a bit and counters the cancer snipers.

    We all like the night cycle and it makes the PvP way more intense, but there is no way of locking players gamma settings so most people just log out and change that setting to negate the effects of the night. In the end night cycle just ends up giving a giving a disadvantage to who don't abuse the gamma.

  • Yeh it's a shame about the gamma issue and night cycles as we miss out on the dynamic lights but, maybe have 40mins twilight at the start and end of each cycle, only if we can't have the weather that is, I'd be happy with one or the other.

    I'd like to see traders at night since im working on the cosmetics for the new traders atm.

    And i miss the fighting at Radzone during NT.


  • I remember just logging out for the last hour of every cycle when UK 111 had night during it because:

    1) Your eyes get strained for the 30 minutes between day and night when neither normal or NVG vision is good.
    2) Somehow *HINT HINT* other players seemed to be able to see as though it were daylight anyway.
    3) If you change your gamma to keep up with the abusers then you are playing in daylight with God awful eyeache-inducing graphics when you could just play in daylight anyway -.-

    Night is fine for PvE but in a PvP environment it inevitably turns into 'play blind or play ugly'.

  • having a stormy weather or just rain from time to time would be a pretty nice addition. nighttime however, wouldn't. I sometimes enjoy the nighttime as well, but since you can't avoid people from turning up the gamma, you never know if somone gamma-cheats on you - and that's just nasty in my opinion.

  • The more I read your opinions on the night cycle the more I understand why you got rid of it on uk111 and the more I tend to agree with you all, while we're on the subject of abuse is there any plans to lock the object view distance to the actual view distance in the xm8? Loving the fact it now remembers your settings and can set for foot, vehicle and air, that's a nice addition 👍

  • I think players count as objects along with vehicles so I'm not sure it needs to be locked because it can't be abused that way but we'll test to maker sure and have a chat about locking it if we think it's necessary. It is a shame about night because I used to lobby for it endlessly and then when it came along it was a real disappointment, but weather is cool.

  • Ah that's cool then I was lead to believe that when the view distance was greater than object distance you could see the player inside buildings etc. Haven't tried it myself but probably should have before raising the question and making myself look a fool. Way off topic now so I won't ask anymore questions 😊