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    @terminator We are going to test out the RHS little bird on the server. It has two 6.5mm miniguns on it but no rocket pods. Its pretty powerful but offers next to no protection to the pilot so you spray them out pretty easily. Needless to say if its ends up dominating the server then we will remove it.

    There server already has base spawns, and a fast travel system. Meaning you spawn and be anywhere on the map in a matter of minutes, going via AAC to get a gun & and quad if you need. Having a moving spawn, letting you repsawn directly on your gear at the scene of a fight where someone has just killed you would be just too much.

    Yes, there are ways that we could balance this... but what you're proposing is hours and hours of scripting, and we've already got enough of that to do.

    I'm still not sure what you mean by mobile spawn.. Regardless I doubt we'll include this, sorry. The only vehicles you can spawn on the go are the bike and the quad, to add other vehicles to this would un-balance the game.

    I would love to see the Pawnee on the server if it was limited to miniguns only. The guns are very powerful but the helicopter itself it very weak, offering no protection to the pilot at all. That combined with the fact that it is the slowest helicopter balance it out.

    19:29:09 | Player #79 ikeem2X banned for 2880 minutes!

    19:29:09 | Player #79 ikeem2X has been kicked by BattlEye: Admin Ban (ikeem2X - bike ramming - 48hrs)

    Player has just been banned and expressly told to read the rules before they came back. Came tried to bait staff in side, then proceeded to drive round AAC on a bike and ram half a dozen cars, blowing most of them up.

    The Quillin was captured outside the safe zone, you guys should have read the rules :

    Trader & Safe zone rules

    8 ) When you lose a vehicle in combat or it gets stolen outside of a trader, its no longer yours so you cannot take it or lock it when it is inside a trader.

    You would have known that once the Quillin was back in safe zone you were not allowed to lock it or attempt to take it back. I explain this to you in game and Syntax explained it to your friends on this Discord. You did know the pin, your friend tells you it about half way through the video. You refused to unlock it, so you got banned.

    01:19:20 | Player #32 JustCalMePug banned for 180 minutes!

    01:19:20 | Player #32 JustCalMePug has been kicked by BattlEye: Admin Ban (JustCalMePug - trader stealing - 3hrs)

    Locked a car that had been captured outside of trader and refused to unlock it.

    01:02:20 | Player #61 ikeem2X banned for 60 minutes!

    01:02:20 | Player #61 ikeem2X has been kicked by BattlEye: Admin Ban (ikeem2X - cool down - 1 hour)

    01:02:39 | Player #28 david banned!

    01:02:39 | Player #28 david has been kicked by BattlEye: Admin Ban (david - cool down - 1 hours)

    00:41:54 | Player #26 Ghost banned for 60 minutes!

    00:41:54 | Player #26 Ghost has been kicked by BattlEye: Admin Ban (Ghost - cool down - 1 hour)

    00:42:18 | Player #30 Lewis Carlisle banned for 60 minutes!

    00:42:18 | Player #30 Lewis Carlisle has been kicked by BattlEye: Admin Ban (Lewis Carlisle - cool down - 1hr)

    Hi Myst,

    An admin will be in touch in game to remove your base.

    Feel free to change your name, thanks for asking but I think we're going to scrap that rule anyway. You can paste all your settings from your current profile onto your new one, just google copy Arma 3 profile and you'll find a tutorial :)

    18:49:32 | Player #144 Phteven banned for 60 minutes!

    18:49:33 | Player #144 Phteven has been kicked by BattlEye: Admin Ban (Phteven - Cool down - 1hr)