These rules are here to allow for a fun gameplay on the server, we attempt to give freedom to players on the server however there are things that are frowned upon within the community.

General Rules

1) Duping items is not allowed. This will result in a permanent ban, if you are able to provide evidence to accidental duping you may be unbanned in rare cases.

2) Combat logging is something that is not tolerated. This will result in a ban if seen by a moderator, admin or given evidence.

3) Advertising other game servers, including teamspeak servers, is not allowed. A kick or ban will be the consequence.

4) Disrespecting members of staff is not tolerated. They give free time to help the server be the best they can and any abuse given is not tolerated one bit.

5) Disrespect of other players is a grey area, when it moves into personal health threats, racial or sexual comments and life insults then it has gone too far and you will be told to promptly stop otherwise a ban will be issued. You may also be asked to stop if it becomes too excessive.

6) We allow Squad XML on Arma 3 as long as they are not offensive in any way

7) Kamikaze into any type of vehicles, players, objects or bases is not allowed. You will be banned for doing it. Kamikaze is defined as Air-to-Air or Air-to-Ground.

8 ) Using bikes to glitch or blow up vehicles is against the rules, do not abuse the bikes in any way.

9) Lying to a member of staff is not tolerated at all! This will most likely result in a ban.

10) Just because somebody else has broken the rules, DO NOT go out breaking them yourself for self justice! It will only get you into trouble.

11) Attempting to break rules is still a bannable offence! This means if trying to glitch, attempting to dupe or steal are all still against the rules!

12) You are not allowed to glitch inside of a base, rock or anything else not intended for you to be inside of.

13) For staff to take care of a player breaking the rules you will need proof of what happened in form of either screenshots or a video. A video is always preferred.

14) Do not argue with an admin or mod in-game, If you want to discuss something you can go to Team Speak, Discord, or the forums.

15) We need evidence to compensate! Usually a recording, in some cases a screenshot may suffice.

Base Rules

1) You cannot build anything within 1.2 km from a safe zone.

2) You cannot build within 700m of activity zones. This includes industrial areas, Rad zone and fast travel points, and High loot areas.

3) You cannot have line of sight on a static mission, a trader, or the Radiation zone (Static missions : Kore Factory, Fort Knox, Stop the Mayor, Mecenary slat flats Base, Kavala Occupation, Neochori Occupation, Abdera Occupation, Paros Occupation, Agios Occupation, Panachori Occupation. Traders: AAC, Molos, Fotia)

4) Do not build anything within 1000 meters of any spawn location (these locations are visible on the map).

5) You are allowed line of sight on small military compounds but do not abuse this, if you use your base to repeatedly camp an area then it will be marked.

6) Blocking off access to a flag or safes is not allowed, they need to be accessible by foot. There needs to be doors leading to the flag (not surrounded by walls etc.) Blocking off entrances with vehicles, walls or anything else, or forcing players to enter the base from above is not allowed either.

7) Placing territory flags inside objects like safes, trees, walls, building supports below ground and anything else which can be used to block off the flag to prevent it from being stolen is not allowed.

8 ) Floating bases are not allowed, they must supports from the ground. Bases on isolated islands are fine.

9) Do not build double walls or your base will be deleted. This means placing walls inside walls, walls next to walls are fine!

10) Building, removing or moving walls/floors while your base is under attack is not allowed under any circumstance. This will be classified as glitching which is a bannable offence.

11) You cannot make a massive sniping tower! We allow tall bases within reason, but they must have some semblance of real physics. If you are repeatedly found sniping from the top of your base it will be marked for deletion.

12) Do not use wall kits for anything other that walls! They must not be used instead of doors or floors. Using walls as floors prevents people from walking on them, we class this as bug abuse.

Trader & Safe zone rules

1) Camping of traders is not allowed. This would be classified as watching traders from close or far away waiting for people to leave or go towards the trader and kill them. This means you can not sit and wait for people to leave the trader regardless of you having line of sight to the trader. The reason this rule is in place is to ensure every player can safely enter and leave the safezones without being engaged. Do not mine/bomb road to and from traders either within 500m.

2) Running behind someone out of traders and shooting them is also considered camping of traders.

3) Ramming people or vehicles is not tolerated. This will result in a ban. This includes the roads leading to the safe zone and its surroundings.

4) Stealing other peoples gear or vehicles is not allowed. This also includes picking up gear off the ground if it belongs to someone else and stealing from mission crates while they're still being looted by the owner.

5) Leaving vehicles inside traders over restart will cause them to either unlock or be deleted. Vehicles left after restarts are free for taking - this was the reason it was implemented to stop traders becoming a car park. Vehicles left after restarts are free for taking.

6) Being inside traders with nothing to do i.e walking around for no reason and annoying people will cause you to be removed from traders, kicked, killed or banned. Waiting for a friend is not a valid excuse.

7) Fleeing to a safe zone while being shot at or having shortly been in combat is classed as combat logging. Please note that strong evidence is needed to get someone banned for this as its often difficult to tell. If you find yourself pullet into combat on your way to trader, take 3-4 minutes to circle around the trader and enter from the opposite side after making sure you are no longer in combat. Just because you do not have the combat symbol, it does not mean you are not in combat. Being pursued, on ground or in air counts as being in combat.

8 ) When you lose a vehicle in combat or it gets stolen outside of a trader, its no longer yours so you cannot take it or lock it when it is inside a trader.

9) Controlling UAV from safe zone is not allowed and classed as trader camping. Trader City AAC, Fotia and Molos are all safe zones where these rules apply.

Side chat rules

Various rules to stop side chat getting out of hand. These rules are in place to benefit everybody.

1) No voice in side! This is highly frowned upon as it can be annoying, you will be warned and if that is not followed it will result in a ban. Most the time the automatic side chat kick will do so before.

2) English only when using text in side chat. We are an international server and we speak English, even if your English is not very good it is better for everybody to type it. Use private or group chat instead.

3) Giving base co-ordinates over side chat is something a lot of players consider annoying and something that is not be allowed. Kick may be issued or a ban depending on severity.

4) Swearing is allowed to a certain degree. When it begins to be excessive you will be warned to stop, or a kick will be given and if you continue to swear excessively you will be banned to cool down.

5) Continuous trolling is frowned upon and can get you banned.

Helpful tips

- Log out at the 5 minute warning or you may risk a roll back or losing your gear! Admins can see when you last logged out so do not make stories of logging out before you actually did.

- Moderators have no in-game powers. They only have access to ban/kick players. Please do not complain over side of them teleporting or abusing powers they simply do not have! It is annoying and will only get you kicked/banned in the end.

- Some rules may not be included in this thread and that is due to them not being problems we have previously had. Above all it is down to admin discretion so this means if the current admin at the time feels you have broken a rule they can still ban you. If you feel you have been banned unjustly then appeal on the forums under your ban appeal, which is created by the banning admin and it can be disputed there and remember to keep it civil and respectful. Any disrespect or trolling will increase the ban.

- See somebody breaking a rule, or being a nuisance? Report them via the forums or on Discord to an admin/moderator. Forums is always better of course! You may get redirected to them from the admin so just save time.

We strive for fun servers with a brilliant community, which includes you and everyone around you so do not go ruining it for everyone!

Have fun and play fair!

ASN Staff Team