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    The guns are very powerful but the helicopter itself it very weak, offering no protection to the pilot at all. That combined with the fact that it is the slowest helicopter balance it out.

    Needless to say if its ends up dominating the server then we will remove it.

    As Banana has stated it is the slowest heli in game so you should be able to out run it in an unarmed heli, it can’t do any harm to give it a try as Banana has also stated that it will be removed if it is proven to unbalance the server.

    So he means a mobile spawn point for when you die. I would be against this as we already have spawn at base, spawn towns, fast travel points and defibrillator. Having a mobile spawn point, even if limited, would be too much in my opinion.

    Hi guys,

    I went to the trader today to get my Ghosthawk and Blackfish out of the garage so they didn't delete from lack of use, there was not room to spawn both and my Ghosthawk has now disappeared as you can see from the video, any chance i can get refunded for this pretty please?

    I’m not to bothered wether the distance is there or not as I still have no clue where the shooters are 🙂 will take away from the fun of killing people with mines while having a shovel in hand at 21km though 😜


    Helipads for bases!

    Thanks joe I noticed this last night when someone brought my mobile phone 🙂

    And thanks for the reply Dave, sheeps and goats ain’t a game killer I just miss seeing them around and running them over 🙂 did have a few more missions pop up on the west side yesterday, maybe I just missed them when I haven’t been online 🤔 One thing I did notice yesterday was the vector option missing from the base building menu, I don’t use it but I’m sure some people will miss that option.


    Bugs i’ve Spotted so far but I’m sure you’re aware of and fixing anyhoo.

    1. Most missions spawn on east side of the map, very few on west side.

    2. Server restart notification is 2 mins behind the stat bar clock.

    3. When towing with rope the rope stays in your inventory no matter how many cars you hook up.

    4. No way to claim your money from the marketplace(don’t know if it’s automatically put in your locker).

    5. The most important bug! There are no sheep, goats or chickens.

    There are others you are working on such as the garage not working and underwater missions etc. But they are missing altogether so not really bugs yet 😊

    Ah that's cool then I was lead to believe that when the view distance was greater than object distance you could see the player inside buildings etc. Haven't tried it myself but probably should have before raising the question and making myself look a fool. Way off topic now so I won't ask anymore questions 😊

    The more I read your opinions on the night cycle the more I understand why you got rid of it on uk111 and the more I tend to agree with you all, while we're on the subject of abuse is there any plans to lock the object view distance to the actual view distance in the xm8? Loving the fact it now remembers your settings and can set for foot, vehicle and air, that's a nice addition 👍

    Yeh it's a shame about the gamma issue and night cycles as we miss out on the dynamic lights but, maybe have 40mins twilight at the start and end of each cycle, only if we can't have the weather that is, I'd be happy with one or the other.


    My first suggestion for the new server is to have some variety when it comes to the weather, I know a lot of players don't like it at night so to have some storms and heavy rain now and then would be great just to stop the environment being bright and boring. I'm not a massive pvp player so tend to play more on the survival side of exile, so for me night cycles or weather help to add atmosphere while I'm hunting my goats and sheep :)