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    First Incident

    18.05.2018 07:41:58: LUNA(***) | ATTEMPTED WALL GLITCH (intersects) - Exile_Construction_ConcreteFloor_Static @134229 [13449.9,22970,2.7526] | 2h 41min 7s [04-04-2018 14-26-23 - [BETA 1522632198]]

    18.05.2018 07:46:51: LUNA(***) | ATTEMPTED WALL GLITCH (intersects) - Exile_Construction_ConcreteFloor_Static @134229 [13449.9,22970,2.7526] | 2h 46min 0s [04-04-2018 14-26-23 - [BETA 1522632198]]

    18.05.2018 07:46:56: LUNA(***) | ATTEMPTED WALL GLITCH (intersects) - Exile_Construction_ConcreteFloor_Static @134229 [13449.9,22970,2.7526] | 2h 46min 6s [04-04-2018 14-26-23 - [BETA 1522632198]]

    18.05.2018 07:47:01: LUNA(***) | ATTEMPTED WALL GLITCH (intersects) - Exile_Construction_ConcreteFloor_Static @134229 [13449.9,22970,2.7526] | 2h 46min 11s [04-04-2018 14-26-23 - [BETA 1522632198]]

    Money Increased Twice by 1.5m PT within an hour

    17:34:26 | GUID and IP banned!

    30.06.2018 22:41:19: LUNA(***) | Overall PopTabs increased by 1.51275e+006 | 2h 40min 27s [04-04-2018 14-26-23 - [BETA 1522632198]]

    30.06.2018 23:45:17: LUNA(***) | Overall PopTabs increased by 1.581e+006 | 0h 44min 30s [04-04-2018 14-26-23 - [BETA 1522632198]]

    If you wish to appeal the ban contact an admin or moderator.

    EXILE v1.0.3 Revert + Download link

    Good evening Players,

    due to the 1.0.4 Exile update yesterday some of you are getting kicked when trying to connect.
    This is caused by the Exile-Mod autoupdate of the A3launcher and Steam.

    We are currently working on updating the server, we will get it working ASAP!

    But till then you will have to use the 1.0.3 version of the mod.

    You can download the old version here:

    - Google Drive

    but I didn't lock it my friend did I didn't know the code to the vehicle so y was i banned i think the mod that banned me should lose is mod ability because he used his power on a person that did nothing wrong

    Next time talk to the Mod and tell him that it was your friend instead of writing this kind of posts... talking to him!!
    In Fact you were standing at that car, it was locked and you or your teammate locked it -> Which is against the Rules.

    You had the code (which can be seen at 0:40 as Joe said) and you could have unlocked it but you decided to piss off the Moderator.

    Honestly what did you expect to happen?

    The Moderators don't have IGP but even if they had it would not be possible to look into some Magical "Log" and see which player actually locked the car.

    Banana didn't abuse his Power he decided based on what he saw, which was absolutely right.

    1. Thats due to the Mission spawn system it doenst spawn a mission in a specific range around a player and only at specific spots => Thats Prob due to the AAC Trader (Will Take a look at it tho :))

    5. They are disabled in the config can be enabled if wished we will have to discuss this internally

    - As far as i remember them they were buggy AF

    There are a few bugfixes waiting for implementation it will go live when we tested it correctly, there is still much to do but we will try our best to fix it ASAP

    Yeh it's a shame about the gamma issue and night cycles as we miss out on the dynamic lights but, maybe have 40mins twilight at the start and end of each cycle, only if we can't have the weather that is, I'd be happy with one or the other.

    I'd like to see traders at night since im working on the cosmetics for the new traders atm.

    And i miss the fighting at Radzone during NT.