mobile spawn

  • At first pls excuse me bad english.

    What do you think of the idea to introduce the AMV-7 Marshall as a mobile spawn vehicle?

    Of course you would have to use a timer of at least 5 minutes so that it can´t be used as a raid weapon...

    Also, the price would have to be rather expensive so the player does not use the vehicle recklessly.

    Best regards Schakal

  • AMV-7 Marshall is a purchasable vehicle which also remains a vehicle but you can spawn as an owner at its location.

    mobile because the vehicle can go anywhere...

    spawn because you can spawn there as the owner or family member of the owner

    Now better?

  • I understand you that this vehicle could be OP.

    But to prevent that, I would work with a timer of at least 5 minutes per respawn.

    In addition, one could then limit the number of possible respawns the vehicle can give.

    For example, should mean that you can respawn only 8 times in the distance of 5 minutes on this vehicle before it has to reset in the virtual garage for new respawns.

    And only one such vehicle may exist per family.

    So it is not at all OP as you think...

  • There server already has base spawns, and a fast travel system. Meaning you spawn and be anywhere on the map in a matter of minutes, going via AAC to get a gun & and quad if you need. Having a moving spawn, letting you repsawn directly on your gear at the scene of a fight where someone has just killed you would be just too much.

    Yes, there are ways that we could balance this... but what you're proposing is hours and hours of scripting, and we've already got enough of that to do.