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    00:54:45 | Player #34 [xS] BulleT banned for 1440 minutes!

    00:54:46 | Player #34 [xS] BulleT has been kicked: Admin Ban (Trader Camping)

    00:55:01 | Player #27 [xS] AkcyZe banned for 1440 minutes!

    00:55:01 | Player #27 [xS] AkcyZe has been kicked: Admin Ban (Trader Camping)

    They were in a group called "Alkogolick" who was a player on at the time but wasnt present at the time and disconnected shortly after the other two were banned so id imagine they were all together in some form. In the database I have that name has 2 entries botha GUID but slightly different IPs which from a quick search ends up in Russia. So if that name should be watched for incase they on and something dodgy happens.