Server Update / Feature List

Since launch there have obviously been a lot of changes and tweaks made so it's time for a post to clarify where things are currently, below are the main features we have up and running on the server along with the main bugfixes.

Virtual Garage
Use the virtual garage to store and retrieve up to 10 vehicles at the traders or at your base, vehicle contents are deleted when stored but the code and paintjob on your vehicle will remain the same.

Vector Building
Base parts can now be built at additional angles, allowing much more control over part placement and paving the way for some really creative base designs.

Base Spawn
You are now able to spawn at base, you can also choose which base to spawn at if you are on multiple territories. Later we will add restrictions to this so it can't be abused by base defenders.


Purchase and list items for sale on a player marketplace in all traders, ideal for trading rare and high value items. (rocket launchers can now be purchased without issue).

Fast Travel

You can teleport between any of 10 fast travel points across the map at the grand cost of 1 compass. Fast travels at AAC trader, Sofia spawn town, Ifestonia Spawn town, Neri, Oreokastro, Agela, Frini, Chalkea, Kalachori & Gravia (town).

Defibrillator Revives

You can use a defibrillator to revive your fallen team-mates, players can be revived 2 times per life and will have 46% health on revive so they will need to heal before they can walk.


-Trader anti-theft

-Vehicles can be repaired whilst in combat (no more waiting after a crash)

-Extended slingloading - using ropes you can now deploy extra slings from helicopters, the more powerful the helicopter the more you can lift.

-Crates can be mounted to 'open back' vehicles like the offroad and van etc.

-Vehicle towing

-Rappelling - Use a rope to rappel from buildings & helicopters

Additional Vehicles:

Now added are unarmed versions of the 3 APCs, they are slow and quite vulnerable to wheel shots but they are very armoured requiring IEDs or multiple KSVK shots in order to get kills on occupants. For those who don't know the gunner protection kit version of the HMMWV is also able to be purchased as well as the armed Prowler and Qilin.

Prices: Marid 45k, Gorgon & Marshall 50k, HMMWV GPK 48k

Recent Bugfixes:
Rocket launchers can now be purchased from the marketplace!
Drawbridges, ladders & small floor ports can now be crafted.
Helicopters are now salveagable.
Fast travels are working correctly if damage is taken nearby.
Doors at missions are working.

Mission loot buffed, tweak ongoing - give us feedback if you have any.

Safes now store much more money.
Bike now spawns further away and uses and replace duct tape properly.
Equipment added and prices re-balanced.

Vehicle trader list re-ordered and re-priced to make sense.

What's next?

There are still a few features we feel are missing from the server and that's what we're working on now as well as continuing tweaks and bugfixing. Main features left to implement include reviving with defibrillators, lockpicking/hacking safes & base doors and the option to delete your flagpole.

As ever, please report any bugs you find so we don't get bored with none to fix, thanks for reading and have fun in game.