As all here will know, UK 111 closed unexpectedly 2 days ago after being online for over 2 years. We're all sad that we've lost the place where we play with and against each other but there's no rest for the wicked and so now we look to the future.

Our aim with this new project is to create a place where we can fight, build and die together in the same spirit and rough configuration of our old playground. Our staff team are working every day on developing everything we need complete before launch and we want to give everyone an update on our current progress.

Before that though, I'd like to thank everyone for supporting the project with your generous donations which have already allowed us to purchase infistar antihack and admin tools, management software for the forums and some other nifty tools which will be essential for the operation of the server and website so we can get cracking with development. I'd also like to thank everyone in discord for following the project and getting your Exile friends in here so we have as many players around as possible when it becomes time to launch and populate the server.

On the server itself, we of course have Exile installed along with our admin tools, missions and the first of the scripts. In progress now is the rest of the scripting that will mould the way the server runs and the features it will have along with construction of the traders and custom military bases/loot spots which will define the server.

Alongside the serveritself, work is also ongoing on the website which will host community anoucnements and the forums where players can come for support from staff and to host discussions. The website design, forum structure and user groups are all under construction and soon we will be able to move announcements and updates over to that platform.

At the weekend we'll have another update and some screenshots to give you all a sneak-peak of our work so far


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